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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I don't normally post a ton about my family, but today I wanted to get a little personal and introduce you all to my baby girl! She isn't much of a baby any more...she just turned eight! {I really feel like time has just melted away} Her name is Haislee and I couldn't be more proud of her. So today I am going to do a little bragging, I hope you will indulge me. Here are just a few facts about this little goddess:

1. She is STUNNING...really the camera comes on and she just shines.
2. Girl can sing...not just "I am her Mamma so I think she is good" but REALLY GOOD.
3. She is so thoughtful and everyone!
4. Might be a cat whisperer...if there is a cat within 100 feet it will find her!
5. She has a very creative and imaginative personality.
With it being her birthday I wanted to get some pictures done, and I wanted them to feel very natural and innocent. This was kind of the inspiration for the shoot:

{via outofmydreams.tumblr, flickr, misswallflower.tumblr,}

That last one seems kinda scary, but I wanted it to feel more like she was the angel.

I am no photographer so I had to bring in my best asset, and good friend Abbey from
AK Studio Design. She is the talent behind all of our store photography you all comment about, and never disappoints! Go and check out her blog for some of her latest and greatest! I have known Abbey for such a long time and she has captured some of my favorite memories in picture! Believe it or not, but she really got my babies first steps on photo...he just started walking to her! You can see the shock and awe on my other kiddo's faces!

I feel so blessed to have caught that actual moment in time! But enough about the boring stuff, this is what you really want to see! I apologize in advance for the amount of photo's I posted...but really you try and pick a couple favorites, I dare you!

See I told you! My husband is shaking his head at me for posting so many, but I am bragging just a little.


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