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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just say the word dainty and you have our full attention. It's not much different when it comes to constellations, and this trend of delicate jems and designs has us all buzzing.

These new Flash Tattoos are amazing. What I wouldn't give to get a real metallic tat! Is that even possible yet??

We pretty much adore them as earrings.....

And then of course our entire collection of dainty rings. Come see your sign in the boutique by clicking here!



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I spent last weekend in Orlando Florida at the IZEAFEST, a social media conference with my dearest friend Sadie of SimplySadieJane. What a fun weekend! Full of great info and of course lots of relaxing, chatting and shopping! The conference was so close to Walt Disney World so you better believe we spent some time riding my favorite ride Tower of Terror!

We even spent the evening on a Yacht party sponsored by Mercury watching a private showing of the WDW fireworks. I hung out with the Pinterest king Dan Ashbach of Dan330.  Dude pins like a pro, and is so funny to chat with!

I think if I had to pick a favorite part it was the Blue Harmony Spa. I mean you can never go wrong right? Plus it was pumpkin facials and massage, very fitting for the season. They are so sweet there and have such a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. If you find yourself in Orlando do stop in.

Relaxing poolside in hammocks was the perfect ending. Although we did not make it to the beach, insert crying emoji face, our resort had white sandy beaches and lake front so that's pretty darn close.


My swim suit is by the amazing Marysia Swim, who I pretty much want every suit she makes. Go check out her new resort collection. TO. DIE. FOR.

My bag coming home barley made the cut because I did a little damage at the mall, but who could blame me??? The mustard sweater got adopted and is currently being worn with all my closet. Grab one at Urban Outfitters, you will not regret it.

Until next time Florida....until next time.
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Styling your Shabby Chic pieces with Chairish

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey friends, I have teamed up to show you all how easy it is to incorporate your "shabby chic" pieces into any style you like.

When it comes to decorating the all matching look is over! Creating a room that seamlessly blends a variety of styles is the way to go. Most trends go in and out of fashion, so don't get stuck in the loop of buying the latest thing. Really fall in love with choices....those will be things that last!

"Shabby chic" has been around for over 25 years, we all own pieces. There are many styles that would be considered shabby chic. From the really chippy layered dressers to a more historical french hutch.  It really is a timeless look, but with a little blending you can create a more modern aesthetic. In the spirit of style I worked with a few historical elements from Chairish and streamed them with more modern pieces to create a carefully curated room.

Art: Stephanie Vovas
Rug: Chairish
Lighting: Park Studio LA
Hutch: Chairish
Pillar: Chairish
Mirror: Chairish

Original Art Giveaway Valued at $700

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's no secret that I am a sucker for good original art. So when I found Kristin Gaudio Endsley works I was smitten. She is one of my favorite modern artists to date! In fact I even own a treasure from her myself. "Jungle" was the perfect addition to my gallery.

Kristin has also generously decided to give away an original piece to one of my readers! ORIGINAL guys....worth $700  and her friends at have even framed it in the Heathrow style valued at $200 which is absolutely stunning! I may not be able to part with it, I adore it so much. Framebridge did such an amazing job I will be sending in all my unframed pieces asap. Don't just take my word for it....take a look at the "Shades"  piece one of you will be getting soon!

So to enter pop over to our Instargram at Recycleddesign and find the post with this image. Be sure to follow Kristin, Framebridge and us! So excited for the winner. Winner announced


How I whitened my teeth at home….professionally.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guys I have been wanting to whiten my chompers for awhile now....but lets be honest,  I like going to the dentist almost as much as getting a pap smear. Almost. Plus the custom fit trays they make are at least $500! And those new little teeth whitening shops are so expensive too!  I know there are loads of over the counter home options, but none of them really seemed to work, or maybe I wasn't consist or patient enough? Either way I'm lazy and want fast  professional results. Don't we all??

When the team at Smile Brilliant reached out to me at first I was like, nahhh not gonna work {don't hate me smile team} but after I looked at their stuff I was intrigued and thought what do I have to loose. I want whiter teeth right?


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To things I've learned this last month:
One- It takes a group of stand up peeps to pull off an epic fashion event.
Two-You will inevitably get sick after you spend several sleepless nights in a row pulling of said epic events. 
Now that it's over and I've had a second to recover I finally have the images to prove we did in fact hold the fashion event of the season and you will want to drop all things to be to our Holiday Look Show {TBA....later}
The night started with 20 beautiful models with hair done by my boo's from Blow Beauty and Make-Up by gorgeous Cara from Maskcara.

Coachella Caftan and Dani.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer music festivals are upon us so a flowy maxi dress is always a must. Blogger Dani from See Dani Style shared the perfect way to style the Coachella Caftan on her blog plus a super sweet interview with Amanda {the lady behind business} Check it out here.

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