Hi I'm Amanda. I'm very good at shopping. And treat the Nordstroms reward plan like an actual video game where I am trying to constantly reach the next level. Who doesn't love some Nordi Notes?? Am I right? I'm also mildly obsessed with chips and guacamole and think every day should be taco Tuesday.

I spend a lot time in my shop and with my three rad offspring. My husband also owns a business. (two entrepreneurs in one house can get rough sometimes) We are just a couple of kids that decided to go for it! Life in our world is go go go. Design work is my passion and I think every room should have a smidge of black and at least one vintage piece of furniture. That's why I opened my boutique. Now I get to place vintage pieces in new homes. I'm pretty much a furniture adoption counselor. That's a thing. I introduced clothing to the store a few years ago, because I think fashion and decor are best friends....Duh. Just ask Anthropologie. Now we are a shopping destination! There's a million things I want to do in my life but I plan to start by making the world a prettier place one room or closet at a time. Mmmmkay?

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