The 5 Dollar Challenge!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So here is the FYI, we have entered a DIY challenge to create a spring item for your house for only FIVE DOLLARS!!! But you could only shop and buy the supplies at a dollar store. Well we all know that in Cedar we are a bit limited as to how great our dollar stores are :( So in the end we shopped at the "Family Dollar Store". My first thought was to go and just get inspired, and then I came across a find! I mean a GOOD find, drum roll please.....I found a plug-in single bulb light. WOW right? Okay well if I don't have you on the end of your seat yet, see what we made with it.
A Pendant Light....Oh you thought I was going to show you the finished product, just read on and check it out. So these are the supplies we used to put together the light: a small outdoor pot $1.00, a bag of colored plant glass gems $1.00, and the plug-in light bulb $1.00.(you can't really see it in the first pic, it's kinda behind the bag of gems) I don't know if this is something they always carry, but I looked around and you can get them at IKEA for $1.89 or the hardware store for about $2.00. Check your Family Dollar first for the cheapest price! We had the spray paint and ribbon at home. We never did use the ribbon, it didn't work out the way we wanted, so we did something else :)
First, we drilled holes in the pot with a 1/2 inch drill bit in random patterns.Second, we primed it with Kilz and painted it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Feel free to funk it up with any color! Third, I got out my BFF the hot glue gun and added the plant glass gems to the outside of the holes.Fourth, this is where I was going to use ribbon around the edges, I decided that I liked the detail on the pot which was kinda a greek swirl design, so I used a metallic gold paint marker and traced around it.And so it is a $5 dollar challenge we thought we would do it in 5 steps too, so for step number five my husband drilled a hole in the top to insert the lighting fixture, but did it before I could take a picture...MEN! but thanks hunny :) Any way no big deal right, you already drilled small holes a big one is nothing! So now to reveal what the finished product....drum roll again... You could make this pendant in so many different colors and use it for just about anything. For less the $5, its worth it. Good Luck and Happy Crafting. P.S. use a halogen light bulb so it does not get to hot!


  1. What a great project! You are a clever and crafty girl. Happy Spring!

  2. That is very cool - and really thinking outside the box. I think you will be giving me a run for my money in the contest..!!!!!!

  3. Amazing!! I never would've thought Dollar Tree or a light fixture...and you would never know this cost $5 to make. I seriously love it.

  4. Get OUT! This is amazing-everything so well thought out! (I really like your peacock feather background, too.)

  5. It looks great in your spot. Such a creative idea!

  6. What a substantial project! The light fixture you made seems to work so well with your existing decor!


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