Elk Foundation Raffle Jewelery Dispaly

Monday, May 10, 2010

We were asked this week to give away a original gift for the raffle at the "Elk Foundation Dinner". I racked my brains trying to come up with something custom and think we came up with a winner! Take a look.....

I think it's a awesome unique jewelery display, pretty good for a girl that knows nothing about hunting and wildlife :) So here is how we made it: I started with a pair of antlers and a frame. 

 Next we cut a piece of MDF board to fit the inside of the frame for mounting the antlers.
We glued and stapled it inside the frame and wood filled the little holes.
Then we drilled holes in the antlers where we wanted them placed on the base. (Beware this part is stinky)
We then primed and painted the base, screwed the antlers back on and filled the base with vase crystals to display earrings and smaller items. I painted it a dove grey color because it was a giveaway and I think grey is so beautiful and can go with anything.

Because the antlers are so big you can hang scarves, hats and all sorts of great stuff. This is definitely a statement piece, even if you are not a hunter (and I am NOT) decor with this kind of thing is so modern and can fit into any style.

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