JJ's Fish and Chips....Done

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We just finished with a small design project and wanted to share it with you. It was for a NEW restaurant in town named JJ'S Fish and Chips. I took these pictures during the demo but didn't get them done before the new paint color I picked went up. It was called Tadpole by Kwal paint, and it has a rich dark base with some hughes if blue and greens.

We had to keep the hanging blinds for now, but with a new layout and some editing it flows much nicer.
I added Espresso colored table linens with some weathered fish netting and covered them with glass for easy cleaning. The weathered ship lanterns only cost $11.00 each!
I wanted there to be a feeling of authenticity to each item I put in the space so I shopped for thing that would make it feel like it could have just washed up from sea. The shelf is a real weathered log that I gave to my handy man "Mike" and said find me a way to hang this...wink wink! Good thing he is amazing.
The menu board is made to look like old parchment paper.
The Giant ship wheel is the focal point in the space with an arrangement of accessories to add to the London Pub feel.
The restaurant is located over across from Del Taco in Cedar City. Go Check it out, tell us what you think!

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