Monday, August 16, 2010

We are so excited to tell you about the new line of  Farm House Fresh Products that arrived this morning....they have won so many awards that we have decided to blog about one a day so you can see how great these babies are! For starters Miss Oprah herself is in love with them, they even did a special one just for her and we carry it! I have samples of all of them in the store so stop in and try them all out.

Our product of the day is....
The Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub!
This one was designed for all you spray and self tanners out there. It's made with Brown Sugar and Kentucky Whiskey. Not only does it smell soooo amazing, but because of the whiskey it pulls out and drys the oils in your skin to make the spray tans last long and have a more pure brown color. Come test it out! 

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