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Friday, August 6, 2010

I got to spend lots of time at market the last couple of days, found tons of great new accessories for the store and came home filled with inspiration. I spent hours in seminars and classes but was most thrilled to find myself listening (on the edge of my seat) and hanging onto every word spoken by one of my design crushes....Mr. Brad Ford . I have always loved his spaces, they are always so seamless and your eye just floats from one object to the next as if it was just what was meant to be there. You know how you sometimes imagine yourself in a room, how it would fill, work, etc. Well I sometimes imagine how it would smell...weird I know! His rooms must smell like Sandalwood and Gardenia Citrus. The perfect fusion of masculine and feminine. Here are a few of my favorite spaces, courtesy of Brad's Brilliants!

But my favorite one would be this....

Ahhhh, what a great day!
Come back tomorrow for some of the great things we saw at market.


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