Harper's Nursery.

Friday, September 17, 2010

This sweet little space is designed for my good friends new baby girl. She put the space together, wanting there to be a great fusion between sweet girly items and more bold graphic ones. I think it came together beautifully!
I love that she had her old crib and changing table updated in a bright white and new flower crystal knobs, this is such a money saver and gives you a whole new set all for the cost of paint!
The curtains are a white eyelet that are ballooned up with pale pink ribbon. They add the perfect softness to the dramatic dark grey walls.

  I love the whimsy the butterflies bring to the bold pieces of art. They add a subtle amount of sweetness to contrast to graphic nature of the print. You don't need to pick nursery styled art just because it's for a baby, a piece that is more unexpected will have a more unique impact and can grow from nursery to girls room more easily.
The shelf is filled more personal items from McCall's childhood, which is fun to mix things that invite special memories you can share with your little one!
We found these vintage door plates at a antique store, she sprayed them white and used the same door knobs as the changing table. It was perfect because it hid the old holes from the pulls before and added a very unexpected design!
There are so many options when designing a special room for a baby, look outside the box of what you think it has to be like! Thanks to McCall for letting me share this space and congrats on Harper, she truly is lovely!


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