Nate Recap.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alright I finally have time to write about my amazing experience in NY with all my new blogger friends, and Nate too :) So it all started with a whirlwind of excitement when I scored two tickets to the show by a fellow big time blogger Camila who is just as lovely in person as she writes on her blog.
At the show the VIP line was super long and full of amazing was so fun to place the faces with their sites.

And me waiting to go inside....

After we went inside we got to hang out in a large room and get to know each other better...this part was so fun!

I met so many new friends that it seemed like I have known forever ...Camila told me once that bloggers = instant friends and she was so right!

Me on the left, Chassity in the middle and Kirsten right. Two of my favorite people from the show...aren't they pretty??? I mean wow, I kinda think design bloggers must have some secret rule about beauty and fashion :)

And lets not forget the GORGEOUS Nate himself. He really is way better looking than I even thought! And he was so gracious to do a Q&A after the show with just us bloggers....I learned so much in just 30min I can't wait to use all the great tips he provided!
I am truly grateful for this experience, I will post pics of the after party when I get them (my camera guy "Mike" went mia at the party...too many designers wink wink).

P.S. Just got a new pic with friends from the after party. Stephanie on the right, Me again, and Emily. I adore her and she was even sweeter in person....again pretty girls right??? 


  1. So, I've never seen his show. I watched it recorded last night (either thurs and friday's show) and it gave a highlight of what Monday's show was going to be. I noticed the blonde girls you posed with in the picture and sure enough I caught you on the row behind them, for a mili-second. I need to schedule my DVR to record Monday. It is for Monday right? I haven't missed it?

  2. Yep it's airing on Monday at 3!!!


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