Monday, October 4, 2010

Any one who knows me well knows I LOVE Halloween decor! Maybe even more than Christmas! I spent all afternoon decorating the house. Involving my kids makes it even better.We prepped the day before cleaning so the house was ready for it's spooky transformation.
My mantel is always one of my favorite set ups. The glitter letters I did myself and only cost $15.

I found these old looking photo's at Roberts and put them in left over frames. They are so fun because the morph into scary monsters.

I do adore this chandelier!

We have a tradition where we buy a new haunted house for our village every year and my kids are always fighting about who's turn it is to pick. In the end I always push them to the one I want! So far no one has noticed...I think my 8 yr old might be on to me :)

Ledger can sit for hours and watch everything move...another reason I love Halloween!

Just adding something spooky can make your regular decor more frightful!

Send me some pictures of your Halloween Decor I would love to post some more ideas!


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