Alice Lane Part 1.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I had the most amazing weekend! Kirsten over at 6th street sent me an invite to the Holiday Blogger Social at Alice Lane, what an amazing time! Not only are the gals over there super sweet to work with, but they know how to have a great party too! Jessica (the owner of Alice Lane) told us the history of the store and how it came to be....totally inspiring. And on top of that they put everything in the store on sale for us :) Christmas shopping for myself!

(Kirsten and Jessica via Design Dump)

(Alice Lane in Orem)
I am waiting for the professional pictures and I will post part 2 about all the great bloggers I chatted with (there are some great ones!) and what I bought! Tomorrow starts our fabulous holiday series...The 12 Traditions of Christmas! I have some goodies in store for you. YOU don't want to miss this! I will have a new one every day from now until Christmas. See you back tomorrow!



  1. Sounds like you have a fabulous time and looking forward to seeing your pics!


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