My Christmas.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I truly feel that Christmas is full of so much wonder and excitement, I couldn't get enough of my 18 month old as I unpacked my holiday decor. Everything that came out of the box was better than the last, he fell in love with this Nutcracker water globe of my hubby's late Grandmother. I think I wound it up a hundred times! Traditions and the memories that come with all my decor are such a fun part to the Holidays, so today I thought I would share an inside view to some of our home and decor. 
 I was given this on my first Christmas with my hubby 10 yrs ago...wowza! I love that its all white but has tons of detail.


 My friend Carla gave me this ornament and I love that it actually ages with time and becomes more bronze.

I am super picky about what goes on my tree, but love all the hand made ornaments from my babies so I thought I would do my railing with all their treasures, plus the special ornaments I pick out for them every year. It was a blast looking at all the ones I have bought them over the years and the funny stories they have about them. The best one was my little Greyson looked at this one he made and said " Was this when I was a little chubby and had a Mohawk?"
               Trouble found a candy bar and took cover under the table to indulge. It was all over his face.

I LOVE my downstairs tree, it's all in black and golds with touches of red. Glamorous!

 This was my child hood Christmas dress, such an easy thing to display but full of memories!

I hope you have just as much joy setting up your decor for the Holiday. What are some of your traditions?  Xoxo!


  1. So wonderful! I just can't stop laughing about "was this when I was a little chubby and had a mohawk??" ;-)

  2. Amanda, it is so true that going through the personal decor is just so much fun. I love getting everything out and decorating. Thanks so much for the tour!!


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