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Monday, December 6, 2010

I totally lucked out and had good weather this weekend so I could finally finish my BIG DIY! It has always been a dream of mine to have a bed like this,

It's a bit out of my price range @ a $9,000 price tag :( Alas I decided to see what I could do with my own bed to add a little luxe. Here is what I started with,

Not bad right? Lines are pretty, nice detail, but for me there was just to much dark wood. I also have a tall dresser that matches it, and two nightstands ( the nightstands are not matching just the same wood tone) so now you see why I wanted to glam it up.
We started by laying out a grid on the inside panels,

This would be where we added the tufting. Next we sprayed it a cream paint.

While Mike did that I started to cover the panels with thin foam and batting.

I used a cream lush Velvet as my fabric. While the paint dried we started the really fun part.

My handy hubby put a small staple right above where our studs would be going, just to hold it in a bit stronger and deeper.

Then we used this awesome tool to hammer the stud base in.

And then the crowning jewel....The Diamond Studs were screwed into place! Now it was time to bring the master piece together. We attached the tufted panels to the headboard from the back.

We were soooo excited to finally see it put together, and the outcome was just like I had imagined! See, I told you it would be okay if we totally changed the old bed, I know my husband was having a bit of a hard time drawing and drilling holes into it! Now he couldn't be happier.

All the hard work has really paid off, and some how I seem to sleep a little better in such a glamours bed! Wouldn't you?



  1. Wow!!! It looks amazing- I am always gob smacked but this kind of DIY- so good! Love the new blog design- that Shari sure knows what she is doing? My new look will be up tomorrow:)

  2. That is stunning! Absolutely love it! What is that tool? I must find one haha! That seems like such an easy way to tuft, atleast easier than ways I've done it! I really love how your bed turned out!

  3. Love how you transformed your bed! LOVE the new blog site too...Your last site was haute and I wasn't sure how you were going to top it, but you did! :)

  4. Holy amazing! I cannot even believe you two did that!!! I love the new blog design, too!!

  5. Holy's gorgeous!!!!! Awesome job! Just realized I commented on the secret before I even realized the after was above, if that makes any sense.

  6. Amazing!!! Such a transformation!

  7. That's incredible!
    Ps-how did I not know that you studied under Candice Olsen? Seriously, that's amazing, she's my favorite!

  8. It's absolutely a dream bed!! Sweet dreams...(c:

  9. I love Candice too! It was years ago...before she was the well known super star she is now! I was lucky enough to get to attend a series of seminars/cource's of hers. No big deal in the real world, but super big for me :) Thanks! XOXO

  10. Just found your blog and you're pretty incredible!

  11. Love what you have created here! Also, love what Shari has done with your blog...great jobs all around!:)

  12. The bed looks amazing! Just truly amazing!

  13. Wow, I like your bed better than the inspiration piece! So gorgeous!

    And the new look for the blog is amazing. I'll miss the photo you had for the header before because one of my suitcases and typewriters were in the picture. But I think this new look is so incredible. :)

  14. This is so beautiful! WOW! I'm new to your blog and I will be a stalker. I just LOVE your your gift of seeing "what can be" and carrying it out. I really LOVE your new bed!


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