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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have been on pins and needles the last couple weeks waiting for my JKLDesign art to be framed. I was first introduced to her amazing talent, by another amazing talent, Christine from B&B and could not help but be smitten! {with the two of them} After carful consideration I finally picked the two pictures I wanted for my mantle...if you remember back a month or so ago I switched to an inky blue and cream for my front room, so of course I needed some real grown up art to bring it all together. I couldn't be more in love with these pencil drawings the details are smashing, when they came rolled in a tube I was practically shaking trying to open them! So with out any further interruptions here are my new babies...

I framed them out in antique gold brushed metal frames and large off white mattes...oh I am a proud mama! But here is where I could use some bloggie back~up, I need help deciding which set up makes them more stunning. Here are the two options, you tell me which you like or if you hate them both and I start over! Remember  I want them to be the showcase :)

{Option A}

{Option B}

Try to ignore the looming hole's above the art...the painter will be fixing them tomorrow!
So which is it? Too much stuff? Do you have better ideas? Just help me!

P.S. Here are a couple more from Leah's shop...and currently on my shopping list!


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