Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Mermaid by Lafayette}

Mermaids....crazy right? I totally didn't think that at my age I would be telling you I still really like them! I am pretty shocked myself. It's not that I sit around and watch Ariel all day, but look at her stuff, isn't it neat? I wonder how comfortable that sea shell bra is? I think, maybe I am just really attracted to the shimmery teals and soft opals...they seen so mystical and romantic. I came across this shower and sat with my mouth open, that I type this it was a lot like Sebation in the end of the movie!
When Ariel steps out of the water in her shimmery dress.


The tiles really look like mermaid scales, and they shimmer....HELLO!

Since I was on this mermaid kick, check these out!

{Just got these in the store}

Mermaid inspired wallpaper in black and gold...just kill me now! Can you imagine this in a master bath?
Tre` Chic!


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