{RE}Cycled Rescues.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome back, I hope everyone is recharged and ready for the work week. I spent most of my time at a dance competition, but it was fun to see my baby girl have fun and preform well. She did a solo and had two team dances, they scored 1st and 2nd...my butt is still hurting from the bleachers, and I may have gained 10lbs eating junk. All in all, good weekend. I am excited about this Craig's List {re}cycled rescue I just wish I could find one closer to me...this baby is in Delaware, is that close to any of you?


Oh how lovely it would look in my new office I am working on! I wish I was closer to getting it finished but my clients come first....soon I hope! So out of the two rooms which is more your style? The funky colored sofa or the clean and fresh space???


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