Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ok it's time to share an easy and cheap outdoor swinging bed. I was inspired by some lovely ones on pintrest and looked around for some supplies to make one of my own. And for $38 I pulled this off!

All you need is:
~A large pallet
~Some heavy chain
~6 eye bolts
~Outdoor or a twin mattress
{I bought mine at a clearance store from potterybarn for $25, but an old twin with a rubber sheet to block moisture will work perfect. Just cover it with a cotton sheet in your favorite pattern.}

Screw in the eye hooks to all four sides, measure chain to fit, and attach the remainder hooks to your sturdy location.

We hung ours under the deck to some 2x4's. It's the perfect place to chill and read while my kids play outside. Added bonus, my kids are pretending its a ship on the sea and that has brought several hours of imagination play :)

Really not joking that it took only 20min to make! Come back tomorrow to see how to design an outdoor living space on a budget.

*Red would not have been my first choice but for $25 that was my only choice, and we did want to do it at a knock out price*


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