Packin Heat.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I wish I looked this sexy when I am stressed and feeling pressured. I leave for Italy in the morning and it's crunch time! Clothes are every where and I am loosing my mind. Keep focused, keep focused.....

I will admit I am not the best at packing for long trips. Kinda known for saying "if we don't have it when we get there, we'll just buy it." But being this is a trip out of the country I better be more prepared....right?
I did some research and found tons of great tips for packing like a pro and thought I would share the best for all of your summer travels. 

What and how to pack:

Pack lots of shoes....JK this is what I usually do but I will be gone for 2 weeks and moving around a fair amount so to many shoes will be overwhelming! But the image is HOT!


This post from Sterling Style hands down was full of great ideas....

1. Get Organized. Pick a suitcase with a lot of compartments for jewelry, underwear, and other little items. This will keep you organized. Also buy a toiletry bag that has clear pockets that you can hang on a door. This will keep things from spilling on your personal items and are easily accessible. 

2. Create looks (this is the tough part)! Plan out as many outfits as you can and include accessories and lay them out on the bed. Try to pick things that can be mixed and matched with multiple outfits.

3. Prepare your clothes. Find out what needs to be ironed and dry-cleaned. Iron the clothes and hang them the night before. I don't roll clothes because it takes up too much space. I wait till the night before to avoid creases. 

4. Pack it up. Put the heaviest items in first.  Place shoes in felt bags so that they don't get your clothes dirty and at the bottom of the suitcase. Next add sweaters, gym clothes then layer dresses and skirts. Put in light weight pieces last like silk blouses so they stay nice. 

5. Finishing touch. Place in tissue paper sprayed with your favorite perfume-mine is Twirl by Kate Spade.

DON'T forget something Sexy just incase!

Well I am off to do a bit more "organized packing" hope you have some fun Summer get aways planned :) No worries the blog will be packed with great posts while I am gone. I hope to check in a bit but it's Europe and I am with my sexy understand right?


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