Fresh, Fake, or the other dried shit.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So I was working with a new client the other day, her name will be anonymous...lets just say that her home need quite an overhaul. She proceeded to ask what I would do first and before I could catch myself I blurted out "get rid of all fake floral and dried shit." It was a reflex I swear it! She said, "than what do you put in your vases?"'s a simple question right? Not really. My thoughts are, nothing, a vase should either hold fresh floral or stand alone in it's beauty. It made me question how often I have fresh floral in my home or how many of us have potted house plants and can keep them alive?
I have an orchid that I love, but I  am certain if I go much further, lives will be lost.


Orchids are pretty easy, they can go for long periods when I forget to water them, they seem pretty happy as long as they have a sunny spot. And in a beautiful vase or dish make a sophisticated statement.
But is that it for me???
What other options are out there for a lady such as myself?



or this.

maybe that.


I want to add the luxury, but am I committed to keeping it alive? I will probably cry if I kill it. Just saying.

My daughter is bugging to build one of these. So we are. The plants will be in her hands. Best wishes.

Pray for fairies.



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