Match made in Heaven.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

If you haven't already heard {but I am sure you have} one of my favorite  jewelry designers Alexis Bittar is collaborating on a new line for HSN. He and Iris Apfel are going to make little gems babies...oh I can see them now. Bold baubles, edgy baubles, sparkly ones to. I just know they will make such lovely beauties. This is a match that only the higher forces could bring together.


It will be sold on HSN!

Ok get it together, stop screaming "when".  These trinkets will be available in September.
Just a few months away.

In honor of this celebration lets review some of his treasures, mixed with an equally stunning interior.

I will be pinching my pennies till I can get my hands on some more gems. I tell my husband that I will one day hand these down to my only daughter....I might not give them up till I am dead though. 
Just sayin.


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