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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, we took one more family trip to the lake.
The tempiture was perfection and the scenery was stunning.
Sigh I do adore Summer.

I have another celebrity crib to show you...and I know I am about a week and half behind.
But it's so earthy chic I really must share even if I am slow at posting it.
AD has brought us another insider view from the rich and famous Ellen and Portia.
I really feel like this house gives a great impression on how they live.

The oversized sofas, and the weathered dinning chairs mixed with industrial stools! Who knew
that E had such charming taste? I really am smitten with the glass and steel ping pong table. I never thought I would say a game table could be so lavish!
I hear they just put this estate on the market in Beverly Hills for 
$49 Million.

Pocket change right?

I also want to give a HUGE hug and many thanks to a couple of my favorite Super Stars in the blogging world!
I was so lucky this last week to have won not 1 but 2 giveaways!
I know right I am still squealing with delight.

First off was this fabulous necklace from
Sabra on the Lonely Wife Project 
It's the House of Harlow evil eye necklace...I so love it and it's the perfect amount of edginess to a casual outfit.
Sabra is such a doll you really need to read her blog...if you don't already!
Plus she is stunning gorgeous and not a lonely wife at all...she leads a pretty exciting life :) xoxo!

And Second I won this ORIGINAL painting on B&B!

I can get over the luckiness of this last week. It's really like all the rainbows and happy fairies threw up on me! 
An original by Brent Schreiber!
Gahhh this week is going to suck in comparison to the last!

I will keep you posted on where this little beauty will displayed.

Happy Monday all xoxo.


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