Color Blocked.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not only do the provide us with lavish colors, they are a vital tool to the interior design and fashion community.
The colors are endless and each unique to it's name.
And as if they don't already provide enough vivid inspiration, they now have adorable storage boxes!

How great are these?
Colored blocked metal treasure boxes.

 How fun would these be in a nursery storing diapers and lotions?
They come 9x12x4 and in 10 lovely shades!
Whats not to love?

                                   I am ordering a few in my favorite colors for storage in my new office....
it's almost done.
Your gonna be amazed...I think :)
Here are a few more Pantone inspired lovelies.

I think every designer should have one of these! 
What's your shade?


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