Mantel Styling

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good morning all.

I have had mantel styling on the brain for days now.
I can't or drink ha who am I kidding on that one!

It has all started when I got the news of the amazing original art I scored on B&B and this vintage piece I purchased from a new blogging bestie on M I L.

Wait till you see the framing and matting I just dressed him on that to come!

But see, that brings me to rearranging the living room to show off these lovely scores.
I thought I would start with the mantel.
A pintrest file has has been curated in it's honor.

A few of my inspirations.

 To many pretty options.
Which piece should go on the mantel?
Or should I layer with objects?
Gahhh...this is a problem.


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