Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I know its a no no to ever talk bad about the man in your life, but sisters I am annoyed!
Maybe just typing this out will be'll know it wasn't if you read this.
That means I hit post.

Is it just me or don't you kinda know the things your significant other likes after 11 years of marriage?
I could walk into and restaurant  with him and pretty much hit the nail on the head about what he will order.
Not because he orders the same boring stuff, but because I KNOW him that well.

I am not much of a sweets kinda gal, give me fries and dipping sauces any day!
And If I want sweets it for sure isn't some store bought crap.
But there is one store baked thing I sugar cookies form Great Harvest.

If you have had know too.

I talk about them all the time!
These babies are probably the size of three cookies in one, so for me to eat one is pretty funny...but girls I do!

I arranged for the hubster to pick up lunch{his choice} and come eat with me.
He walks in with sandwiches from Great Harvest.
I get all giddying thinking about the fluffy pink frosting on top of the gooey dough.

I totally scarf down my sandwich, and reach for the brown crinkly bag with the sweet slice of heaven inside....
Bag one...a ginger snap.
Booo, it must be in the other bag.
Bag two...a ginger snap.


He says and I quote "You have always loved ginger snaps"
No I feaking haven't! He likes ginger snaps...I don't like spice cake, ginger bread or any other form of 

Maybe it's one of those impossible expectations we as women have for the male gender.
But do all my words fall on ears that only hear anything if I am naked?
I like LOVE pink sugar cookies!

Hopefully he hears me this time.

And I still don't have a pink sugar cookie.


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