MIA, Some wall jewels....and a baby!

Monday, November 28, 2011

First off I know I went MIA the latter part of the week, and I feel really bad but I just needed a break to hang with the family and regroup.
My  Holiday went lovely, I hope that was the case for you all as well.
But now that it's Monday lets get back to biz and enjoy this little ball of amazingness I just stumbled on!
It's called Mushaboom and they design wall-coverings with a statement!

These guys really rocked my world over the weekend.
Mushaboom is committed to sustainable living, have the ability to provide custom wallpaper,
and stand out above the crowd.

I put together a wee bit of inspiration with some of their over the top designs.

You likey???

They only sell to the trade so find yourself a designer to get your hands on these babies....
speaking of babies!
I just wanted to take a sec to tell my girl Chassity over at LLL congrats on the perfect little man she delivered this weekend.
There where a few complications so keep them in your prayers!
I will be.
Plus they named him Fletcher....how yummy is that?
I don't want to post his pictures cause they are not mine to share, but believe me when I say he is adorable!
Gahhh I adore babies.


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