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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If you where a Kardashian which one would you be?
I know that this is wrong and that I really should not like them....but I am weak, and just like a car crash I just can't turn away from their ridiculous stardom.
But lets just pretend for a minute all we want to know is how we can get our hands on these girls jaw dropping closets!



Gahhhh the light fixture, candles, and mirror!
And do you see how many Christian Louboutin she has???

I am crossing my fingers for one pair this Christmas.



For moi....I would have to pick Khloe, girls digs look pretty tempting.
Did you see that peek of feathers...has me clawing at the screen to know what the rest looks like!
Although Kim's Chaddy is pretty lavish as well.....and the fur...

Which K would you be?



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