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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gahhh I am not sure why this didn't post early this morning like it was told!

I am going to share a little peak from my latest family photo shoot, cause our photographer is also a sponsor here at {re}cycled.
Abbey who is amazingly talented owner of Ak Studio and Design,
just wrapped up our session and I couldn't be more pleased with the out come.
The wind was not so friendly on my hair, but somehow managed to make my 9 year old look like a super model in every shot!
I may be a smidgen bias, but I think it may be safe to say I have a pretty adorable family.

WTF...what 2 year old poses like GQ?
He better keep is clothes on, I will not be able to handle an underwear model! 
This shot is legit...we take no responsibility in what he does!

H really has no idea how stunning she is...cross your finger she doesn't notice!
Hop on over to AK Studio and if your in the Utah area she is your gal...she does travel!
Tell her we sent you!


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