The last day of the year.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Does everyone have something special going on tonight?
Anything counts...snuggling on the couch as the ball drops, or an evening out dressed in your fancy.
I will be going out to a local restaurant with a group of friends and toasting in the New Year.
What a great year it's been too!
So many new friends and amazing opportunities.
I owe it all to you, and your support of this blog. 
None of this matters if it wasn't for my great readers.
 Many thanks and toast virtual toast to you.

Now I will be scouring pintrest for a lovely up-due to show of my dress.
Cross your fingers I can pull it together.
Before I go I must share my sweet little surprise from the Mr.
"This is the year to" bracelet by Kate Spade! The inside is engraved with 'This is the Year to ...' while the outside reads ... 'play your cards right, lose yourself in a good book, add a twist, make sparks fly." I will be keeping this close at hand to reflect on all this year will bring...maybe even add a few to the inside to make it more personal.

Happy New Year to all of you and I will catch you on the flip side!


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