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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am in need of some major help! Some serious decisions must be made!
My amazingly talented baby girl is auditioning for a HUGE roll....well several actually.
This month she is going for 3 parts...Cozzette from Les Miserables,  Scout from To kill a mocking bird, and a child's part in Peter Pan.

Talk about a fun filled month right?
Now I know that Scout is not really the perfect part for her considering she is a blonde girly girl, but it's good practice for the roles we hope she gets.

Here is where I am calling out for help...she needs to use a head shot and being that I am her mother and cannot be expected to pick the shot that could make or break this moment for her, I need you to step in.
Make an unbiased opinion.
Below are favorites...choose wisely.

1 thru 7.....make up your minds people!

Oh and thanks for your help.


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