Fashion Market, Valentines and some catch up....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Phewww am I glad to say this week is almost over.
It's been a doozy.
Bunches of fun but extremely busy!

First off I have been gone to Fashion Market in Vegas...otherwise known as Magic Market {sounds like a weird entertainment show with nothing to do with Clothing}
Luckily it had everything to do with fashion and clothing.

I scoured the show for two days to bring in some great ensembles for the boutique.
Brought me some peeps to help, and and good thing I didz cause I needed back up!
This place is a mecca of small and large designers showing their latest and greatest for immediates and fall.
All of the new attire will be added to the online shop too...cause you know I loves my outta staters too!
Enjoy a little peek of whats to come.

To much fun chillin with the sweet Free People chicks.
Can I tell you how uber cool they are...seriously.
And bonus they gave me a lacy bralette...which of course took them to a whole different kind of cool.
I like presents...just sayin.

And of course some bold notes of color and neutrals to accessorize your new clothing.
But that jewelry line....the jewelry line!
I am gaga over these and seriously counting the days till I have them in my hot little shop!
They are hand crafted by a swedish designer....I will spill more of the amazingness soon, a whole write up is to come!
Pinky Promise!

And just a snap shot of the tres' chic flowers my hubbster brought me.
He totally know's what I like!
luv ya babe!

All images my me via Magic Market 2012

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