The Craigs List Gods answered....a #MCT Update

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mission Closet Transformation is in full swing.
It's coming along nicely.....I filled the side shelves back up with all my shoes and decided I didn't like it.
Plus I could use more space in that tiny little cave.
I remembered being inspired by a shoe curio on pintrest so I decided to see if I was lucky enough to find anything similar on my local craigs list.

Guess what...the craigs list Gods where listening!
I scored this little number.

Seriously I was doing a happy dance all night.
Picture me smiling like this hot blonde putting my shoes away....only I am brunette.
She is a beauty from the 1920's, leaded glass doors, and carved legs!
Her facelift will become something more......
For starters I will order the old wood shelves to be replaced with glass.
Add some lights to the top.
Paint or wallpaper the back.
But then comes the decision of what color to paint the outside???

Lots of thinking going on here.


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