A face lift....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

As soon as the weather cooperates with me I am giving the store a little face lift.
Nothing huge just some paint and trims.
Some big potted trees....just add bit more curb appeal.

But I can't decide wether to go black or white.
I think I am looking for more of a classic vintage feel...something inviting.

Although I adore the colored store fronts, it costs a fare amount to have a building painted and I am not feeling committed to such a bold move...I can always add punches of these colors in large pots or window boxes.

So, what say you....

Which of these stores would you be curious to step inside?
Help a sister out, I need some consumer advice.


1 comment:

  1. What did you select?
    Which picture gather the greatest interest?
    I am renovating a laundromat. The exterior will have a similar presentation to the ones on your blog post. I am agonizing over what color to paint the front and the remaining building. I am interested in what you chose!


Your thoughts are priceless...thank you.

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