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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fancy Freakin Friday!
It's been a long week right?
Good news, class dismissed...you can go play now.
I hope you have some fun planned or just plain old nothing....because that is alway great to!
I am on my way to SLC to hang with my sister in-laws for a spa weekend.
Grandpa is there to play with the kiddos.
Can you say yahoooo?

Moving on to more interesting info.
I don't normally wear watches...except for my hubbies gold one layered with an arm party of bangles,
but these are to cute not to share.
Of course they are by the brilliant Kate Spade.

Don't you just die over the secret words of wisdom she engraves inside the band?

I think I am a watch girl now!
Thank you Kate.


All images via my pintrest here.

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  1. Those are great watches!!! Have fun in Salt Lake!! Wish I was going!! Xo


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