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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Remember a few weeks back when I toured the St.George Parade of Homes?
Well the article is finally finished and there is even a video.
Not bad huh?
It's my first video so don't judge me to hard.......

Plus there is an article to go with it on AliveUtah

St. George Parade of Homes Top 5 for 2012
Amanda Hill
February brings the annual southern Utah area Parade of Homes. I admit that I attend every year hoping for some really innovative design ideas. The Parade of Homes drive many from the surrounding areas to view what our local builders are up to.
Sleek designs, traditional woodworking, and the latest and greatest in interiors.
We hope....
In total there where 28 homes to view this year.
I took on the daunting task of touring them all.
While there was excellent craftsmanship and thousands of square feet....there wasn’t that one house that did everything right.
Most all the homes had superb construction but lacked extensively in the latest design trends.
I’m talking the same old tile choices, cabinet colors, and tan sofas. 
In this list I have collaborated my top 5 choices.
Only hoping that the ones that didn’t get it right this go around will be able to blow us away next time.
This may surprise some of you because I am not giving the #1 spot to the biggest and most expensive. It’s being awarded strictly on interior design and construction.
Let’s start with the #5 spot.
Koti by Rock Solid Builders
Home #28
 With 4,668 square feet this home had some breathtaking views. The decor was the usual in browns and creams.
The cabinets had beautiful detailing, and the ceilings boasted gorgeous beams.
This home was designed to entertain and on that level it delivered.
A lovely pool and sauna with a separate pool house.
A HUGE covered patio with retractable screens and outdoor kitchen.
Great place to chill with the family or neighborhood on that matter.
Phoenix by Split Rock Construction
Home #8
This house blew me away with it’s sweeping roof line and natural lava rock setting.
With a whopping 5,300 square feet, you where treated to some stellar views from just about every window.
For the contemporary lover this home will satisfy you.
Lovely glass staircase, and chic fireplaces.
This home had some elements I would have loved to incorporate 
into a design.
The kitchen for me was the best part.
Clean lines, sleek cabinets and a secret TV that come out of nowhere!
Definitely a home meeting all that we would expect from Split Rock.
Hermosa Casa En La Colina by C.Blake Home #11
Again if anything the Parade deliver homes with panoramic views, and this home was no exception.
3,326 square feet of a real old spanish ranch with modern twists.
I was gaga over the reclaimed wood and unique lighting.
Plenty of room for family gatherings and a great outdoor space, that included an infinity pool and BBQ.
The rustic woods mixed with modern cabinetry made for a very unique look.
Fresco by Sunwest Development
Home #23
I am all about fresh and open designs, and the boys at Sunwest really delivered.
The paint choices where bright and airy, grounded by rich dark wood flooring.
The family room had great built-ins and sleek rock work.
I loved the tile choices through travertine here folks!
A chic white kitchen and glass tiles topped this one off for my #2 pick! Well done!
Sawgrass by Henry Walker Construction
Home #26
This may come a shocker to a few of you but my numero uno pick for the best overall look and construction is going to a town house!
I can hear the gasps now...but if I am being honest, which I always am. These guys really brought a refreshing look to the countless travertine and brown homes. After awhile they all blended together.
 I was overwhelmed by the light and open feeling of this space.
She did offer 2,700 square feet so not to shabby.
But the colors and decor really took the cake.
I adored the white painted and dark wood mixed kitchen, but the Moroccan  powder blue tile stole the show!
Oh that tile.....that tile!
If people could just realize what options out there and quite with this travertine crap I promise the world would be a much better place.
This home was livable and chic.
It really made you feel like you could move right in.
A glossy white fireplace centered the great room and tres’ chic lighting adorned the ceilings.
The little details in the decorating really added to the luxury feel.
Henry don’t know this yet but you are my new BFF’s.
The proof is in the pudding y’all.
Don’t skip the small stuff.....
the best gem might be nestled in a maintenance-free subdivision.
I wish that I could say that overall every builder did a decent job, but that would be a lie.
If you are dying to see what made my
“You should hire a new interior designer cause this place sucks golfballs”
list, be sure to follow my blog at
really only if you can handle may be on that list.
Lets pray that next year the builders step it up and showcase something a little more out of the norm.
Call me if you need help...wink wink.
Amanda Hill
The views and comments in this article are strictly those of Amanda Hill and in no way reflect the view of any other persons.
Peace out.


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