Weekend Review.....and a nod to the native.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome back darlings.
I trust your weekend was delicious.
The weather has been so beautiful here we decided to go spend a little time being inspired by where we live.
My daughter has been dying to go see some petroglyphs that are not far from our back door, so we loaded up our ATV for a Sunday afternoon drive.
It was little windy for my liking but it always amazes me what you can be inspired by if we just take a minute to look around.

I snapped a few photo's of the carvings...just so amazed that these are right outside my door.
I am truly so blessed.

images by moi

Seriously these are like 20 minutes out my back door....

Thanks to my Haislee for her relentless asking to go visit these breathtaking spots.
And of course who wouldn't love these cheeto covered faces???


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