Dark Walls.....and my 3 tips to painting them.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy to report that the family is all better and the kiddo's have returned back to school.
After having 1 to 2 of them home through out the week I have a lot of work to catch up on.
 Fingers crossed that this week will be leaps and bounds better.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about some moody spaces.
I love me some dark walls, so I am about to share my top three tips to painting a small space dark.
I am also sharing a {re}cycled first with you all today.
The debut of my
 "How to Videos" 
Now this is my first and I still have some learning to do with the whole program, so be kind.
Not to mention I picked the hardest project to film for the first time because it's such a small room with horribly impossible angles to cover.
I know boo hoo right?
Okay okay I will just share the video.
Gentle though I am a video virgin.

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Also I am setting up my Vimeo account so the quaility is better next time!

Tip #1

It's always best to keep surrounding surfaces in lighter tones.
Counter tops, sofa's, frames etc.

Tip #2

Add some reflective elements to keep light moving around the space.
High-gloss paint, lacquer,  or metallics.

Tip #3

Choose your lighting with 1 of 2 thoughts in mind.
To enhance and bring more light into the space or to add more of a dramatic moodiness to the dark walls.

*Bonus Tip*

Try an inky blue if black is to much for you.

Have fun, small spaces can have dark walls even if you lack natural light.
Follow these tips and your sure to have a space you will enjoy even more than just looking at it on pinterest!


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