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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey darlings...It's the first day of our spring break and we plan to party.
Well...just after I wrap a photo shoot for a very cool mystery project, errrr {I think I have been hearing to much mickey mouse in my house latley}
Any-who I am pretty over the moon about it and can't wait to share the fun!
 For now while I am super busy so I am sharing my guest post I did for 10 Rooms last week.
If you saw it sorry, but for those who missed out, enjoy my color crush!


Hello all you Color Crushing darlings.
I am so excited to be divulging my favorite color combo with all of 10 Rooms amazing readers.
For me it's the....
sultry shades of inky blues.
So glamorous.
Splashed with touches of mint and I am smitten.

Fashion or interiors this color pallet has me purrrring with perfection.

With a little dash of pink........

How cute is that teeny tiny peach chair?
I'll be back tomorrow with some more awesomeness.


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