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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Friday!
Jk I hope you knew that already.

I am all kinds of giddy because I am heading to SLC to do a little estate/antique shopping for my boutique and then off to catch a jet plane to NY for.....

Cheers, claps, woot woot!

Can I just say the group of bloggers coming this year takes the cake.
A big hunk of gooey layered chocolate cake.

There is some pretty legit stuffs happening too.
As you all know with a chic design blogging group such as this, one needs some lovely frocks.

Here's what I'm packin'




If your going let me know...I want so badly to meet you!
Don't fret if your not, I still have great goodies happening on the blog while I am away...and I will document every second to fill you in with each morsel of the gooey chocolate cake.


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  1. I'm sO jelly you are going to blog fest. I desperately wish I were. :(


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