Friday, June 8, 2012

It's the sale weekend at my shop today.
Boy have I been a busy little bee.

The entire store is full of new furniture and decor, took the whole day and well into the night to rearrange it.
I will post pics later today but it was too dark for any good ones last night.

Because I am such a poor blogger this week, {I am truly sorry for this} I am just going to share some random pretty this faboosh Friday morning.

My chica Christine from B&B is opening an etsy shop real soon called:

If anyone is qualified to talk about Pink, she is your gal.
Congrats lovely can't wait to purchase!

Look at her original art ladies!

And in honor of pink....

A real VINTAGE kitchen.

What goes around comes around.

Pink Brunettes.

Pretty much this it it....I gots to get to work!
Happy weekend love~cats!


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