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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's talk malachite.
Malachite heaven.

The foo dogs...not really my thing but yes to everything else.
The stools, raw crystals....oh and that table.
Ooooh that table.

You may have heard of this faboosh designer, ummm Wendy Schwartz?
She's kinda been all over the web world.

Lets tour her brilliance shall we.

Everything.....all of it.

Water color marbled walls.
Her love of art and vintage finds makes me think we could be BFF.

The rose colored velvet sofa.

I am ending this post with some sage advice regarding keeping her projects on budget...from Wendy herself.

 "I have a long list of furniture and more serious art I’m wanting, of course,” she says. “But sometimes I buy small objects and inexpensive art because adding those elements to my home is a cost-effective way to freshen and add interest."

Wise words.


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