I need a job on Project Runway...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's no secret that I adore Nina Garcia. She is such an amazing ball of talent. 
If I watched reality TV Project Runway is the only one....who am I kidding I totally watch it.
I justify it by TVOing it so there are no commercials so its not like really watching it...right??

If I could have picked any talent it totally be a clothing/fashion designer.
In reality I do not even come close, but I do know how to to interiors and Nina's will rock your socks off.
Thanks AD for the inside scoop.
Should we start with the black marble fireplace or her smart suit?

Of course the bed is custom made.
Why wouldn't it be?

I could just kill for that rug.

We need to be BFFS...our love for 1940's furniture is a bond.

This closet.

Ugh I need to find some way to join her group.
Wouldn't you just die to judge Project Runway?



  1. Yes! I love her and her apartment! I also love that she doesn't wear make-up very much....yet is always so chic

  2. Gah...it's heaven- no at all surprised by wow...gorgeous. I LOVE the fireplace!

  3. Out of all of them, she is for sure the one that annoys me the least amount of the time (c; She really is a fashion genius so it's no surprise that her home is IMPECCABLE! Maybe we could party crash Project Runway and become besties??? (c;

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