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Monday, November 19, 2012

Lets get down to business.
We are talking dinning rooms today...not because Thanksgiving is this week, but because I need help with what to do on top of the dinning table the rest of the year.

I can set a table for an extravagant feast, but torn when I think about how I want it the rest of the time.
I am staging it for a shoot on Tuesday and can't stop fretting over what to do.

Love the idea of a clean minimal surface.
Easy dusting right?

Some glam layers feel more inviting.
Adore the vase of flowers but maybe a live potted plant would be more posh.
The room has great soft natural light.

Hummm a collection of the same item is interesting too.
My dinning room is not as feminine a this space.
More a dapper collected look with moments of modern glam.
I think not.

Well you know what I will be doing all day....I will let you know Wednesday if I pull it off.

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  1. I'm actually doing the same thing today. Struggling. There is no low hanging fixture so I am thinking an orchid. Boring, I know. Struggling. Let me know what you end up deciding :)

  2. I love the second one...not accessories. I know whatever you do will be fabulous:)

  3. I always lean towards clean, so a combo of pic one and two. Pic two with the 2 candelabras & a plant or (bouquet) and minus the tea set. Simple and clean.


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