The most superfly yet worst gift guide ever....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Can you believe it!
Second post in a row up when it's suppose to be!
I am finally getting back in the groove of my Mon-Wed-Fri posting!
High-fives to the face.

It feels good, real good.
Ok so I am in love with everyones gift guides, I adore prezzy's.
Giving and getting.
When I can across Anthro's latest catalogue there where a couple that had me drooling but totally impractical to really get.

The mint paddle board. Hand crafted and calling out for a bikini... Geeeze she is fabulous and it really is on my bucked list to do this.
But I cannot justify that many bones for only using it once or twice a year.
So sad.

A copper bike.
Who knew?
Lezzbe honest{a line from pitch perfect hehe}....I have a bony ass and since having kids I am pretty sure my tailbone has been relocated to the wrong spot. I won't even do spin class let alone go for a picture perfect bike ride for longer than a quick pic to say I did it.
I will keep my $6,000 and buy a bag.

Ok so the sectional is actually quite tempting.
The webs most favorite rug made into a pretty legit sectional.
Looks cozy.
At first I was not sure why I was attracted to it, but upon second peek I am kinda in love.

Now would it matt down? Probably.
Would it catch every booger and sucked on fruit snack? Defiantly.
But the idea is totally love, but really never going to ask for.

So there you have it my list of the most fabulous but worst gifts ever.



  1. I wonder who really buys this stuff anyway....If I had $6,000 to spend I would go to Paris not spend it on a bike....hmmmm....

  2. I think this is my favorite gift guide, yet! Love your take on it.:D

  3. Great gift guide! I'm in love with the rug ♥


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