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Friday, May 10, 2013

I know we are glad it's Friday. After the week I've had it's a huge sigh of relief. Loads of laundry later... My bags are pack...and the kids to! We are headed to Cal-if-orn-ia!

The best part about my job is the shopping. Finding new lines to bring in the store, the best of the best, but most of all I love the hunt for the vintage furniture. The Rose Bowl is a favorite much to see and swoon over.

My kids are going to spend the day with family friends...but the hubby is all on board for the search.
I wish you could all come along.......the next best thing is instagram. I would love for you to follow me along here or search me under recycleddesign. I will be sure to entertain you with all kinds of treasures.
If you stick around you will even catch a few moments at the Happiest Place on Earth....yup the 3 year old talked us into a visit with Mickey again. Damn he's good.


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  1. Hello Amanda, your last encounter with Rose Bowl was also interesting that you posted few months back. xo
    - Vinnie
    Architectural Stone


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