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Thursday, June 13, 2013

It makes my day when I get sweet little love notes from shoppers. So this one from Sarah Greenman was a real treat!

"Hi Amanda,

I was in your store two days ago with my mother and enjoyed browsing your beautiful curated collection. I took some photos and did a little write-up on my blog, La Maison Boheme.  Thank you!"

Sarah even did a lovely write up on my shop that she posted on her blog La Maison Boheme.

These are just a few pics from her post be sure to check the whole thing out HERE. Thanks Sarah I hope to see you again soon!

All images by Sarah Greenman.


  1. Her post has just confirmed what I have long suspected...you own the coolest store EVER! The front??? It's so perfectly darling! And I already knew you have fantastic taste, so the stuff inside being amazing is a given (c; So fun to get another perspective of the place!

  2. Yeay!! Hhow fun to be able to go to your shop!! I want to stop in and hang out too!! I adore everything!


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