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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy happy Friday! I know it is for meeee! A weekend we are all going to be home and not a whole lot to have to do! Sounds perfect.

My girl Kirsten over at 6th Street did the best post on decorating with vintage lockers, and since I can't keep them in the shop because they sell so fast I thought I would share the great ideas.

I have this adorable orange set in the shop right now....not sure if it will be there after the weekend. Lockers are hot hot hot right now! Pop over to 6th Street and see all the cute ways she styled them! Plus she even has a discount from School Kids Lockers Company for new lockers. That has to brighten your Friday!

Drop me a line if your crushing on these vintage orange boys. See ya on the flip side!

Oh and PS....My sweet friend over at A Thoughtful Place posted some eye candy on Master Bedrooms, and included MINE!!!! Check that out to!



  1. Love lockers! I have been on the look out for some old lockers to use in the basement play area! Audra @

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! :) Glad you liked the post.


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