My baby's 4 today // And an Art Party Invitation

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gahhh my baby is turing 4! Today, four years ago this 6 pound boy changed our quiet little family forever. Our little Ledger came out knowing he was the last and ready to cause chaos. Why wouldn't we give him everything he wants? He's the baby.  My heart is breaking, he is crossing into big boy hood. Has anyone perfected that pause button yet? I just want to snuggle his tiny self again.

I mean. We are all pretty obsessed with this tiny person. He will make you laugh till you pee, and in the same breath make you want to lock him away in a room till he's 20! Happy birthday my adorable and charming Ledger, we love you to pieces!


Now onto the big party planning. You want to know how a 4 year old celebrates his big day yeah? He throws an.......ART PARTY!

I really wanted him to be involved with his big day, so he painted each envelope for all his buddies. He was so proud of every one!

I will be sure to share all the party festivities on Wednesday, but I better get going I have a party to set up! Wish me luck!


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  1. Wow! He's great with watercolors - no "mud" (when all the colors blend together and you get brown).

    This looks like an event with many ideas to copy! :-)


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