Hand Embroidered // Coveting and Carrying

Monday, August 12, 2013

Good Morning! My apologies for the lack of posts on Friday, my new camera had a mishap with the 4 year old and I have been waiting for its repair! So many things I just need to get photographed to post about and this puts a damper on it. Should be back this week so we will just have to put up with borrowed images until then.

I thought I would share a few of the new items I am bringing in the boutique. These are going to make you all kinds of excited! You know how I adore handmade heirloom pieces!

These will be going on all my indoor pots! Your mind is just spinning with all the great ways you could use them 'ay?

And the babbles....hand embroidered! Swoon. Are you as excited as me? I can't wait to get them here, yes they will all be available on instagram for purchase! Soon my pretties, soon.



  1. Loving all those beautiful and colorful babbles!! What a great idea to use them for indoor pots!

    --Sayeh, The Office Stylist


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