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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ready to start another amazing week? I am feeling pretty good about it. Lets begin it with a cool new site I have been working with. Who doesn't love secret gifts? Right...no one.

Confession: If you have not read "The 5 love Languge's" you should. It's a book on the theory that everyone fits into one or a mix of two of love language's, i.e. the way we show and need to be loved. In this book I happen to fall into the group of "Gifts" I love to give and receive gifts. I use to feel bad that I always wanted presents{doesn't always have to be big, a candy bar will do} but then I read this book and realized I'm not selfish, its just my Love Language. No different than someone who need "affirmation" all the time. Seriously good read.

Remember how I said I also love to GIVE gifts? Well my new friends at Uncommon Goods are making this such a fun thing.  Back in July I got to pick two friends to send a secret gift to in the mail. It's so easy all you do is got to their site, do some shopping and click make it a gift, and they will add your special message and send it out.

I sent a set of these cuties to a dear friend who wrote about it on her instagram saying "Today I received a package with these adorable pillow cases. After a few very hard weeks and still more to come, it was so sweet that someone would think of me. Thank you friend"

Doesn't that make you all kinds of giddy to send prezzies to your loved one and see how happy they are....well I guess not if  "physical touch" is your love language???  Glad I fall into the "gift" category. Wink wink!

Here are a few things I would be happy to receive from Uncommon Goods...just incase.

They really know how to make it easy.  Shop for gifts for women by clicking here...or for Men by clicking here.  Now go and make someones day special....


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  1. Those coasters are so beautiful!! and the dinosaurs so fun! You are such a sweet friend.


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